Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi expressed strong support for the problematic proposal to give members of Parliament guaranteed public sector jobs after their term expires saying that “you can’t expect someone to be a member of Parliament for four years and then have him dumpster diving for food”.

– This is being raised as an idea. I still haven’t received a draft proposal, and I will comment on it after I see it, said Xhaferi, before making the “dumpster diving” remark.

According to the leaked versions of the proposal, members of Parliament would be strongly favored when applying for public sector jobs after their terms expire, and would also have the right to early retirement. This was met with universal scorn and ridicule on social media, with some citizens commenting that the only benefit members of Parliament have not requested is guaranteed entry to Heaven after they die.

The proposal comes as top SDSM and DUI officials are busy having their sons and daughters hired to plush jobs in public companies. Xhaferi recently had his daughter Besija hired in the ELEM public energy producing company.