Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, reiterated the position that any change in the electoral system must be made by consensus.

I maintain the position that consensus is needed on this issue, because the Electoral Code and the election model in 2002 were adopted by consensus, Xhaferi said on Thursday at briefing with the media.

Asked about the amendments to the Electoral Code and the conclusion of the Parliamentary Committee on Political System to organize a public discussion on the changes for the introduction of one constituency, Xhaferi informed that that conclusion should be submitted to the Parliament, which should then make a decision on public discussion, which, as he said, means another procedure.

Xhaferi clarified that in that case a main working body will be appointed to lead the discussion, probably the Commission for Political System and Inter-Community Relations and the text of the law will be published and will go to public discussion, for which the deadline is about 30 days for publication, application, review and indication. Then the main working body has to process those indications and all this will take time, which according to him, means that it is not a quick process.