Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi is in stable condition and currently resting on doctor’s orders, his office said in a press release Tuesday.

Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi is in stable condition. Due to his busy schedule during the election campaign, doctors have advised he gets rest, the press release read, adding that Xhaferi tested negative for COVID-19 on several occasions.

It’s still unclear whether he will attend Republic Day celebrations in Krusevo on August 2, as was previously announced, nor when he’s to schedule Parliament’s constitutive session. However, the press release stressed,  constitutional deadlines and Parliament’s Rules of Procedure on the latter will be observed.

Xhaferi was hospitalized at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases on Friday.

According to the Constitution, the Parliament Speaker is set to schedule the Parliament’s constitutive session by August 4 at the latest.

If Xhaferi is prevented from scheduling the session the oldest MP is to carry out this task.