Visiting the destroyed town of Irpin, Ukraine, and the ruins of Hostomel airport, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi said Wednesday he would personally strive for Macedonia’s institutions and public to provide all possible support to the war-ravaged country together with the European Union and the international community.

I will personally strive for the adoption of decisions to help and support Ukraine as soon as possible. The fact that I am in Ukraine gives even more weight to my activities as President of the Parliament, which is the seat of democracy and an institution in which key state decisions are made. Additionally, we have joined all restrictions and sanctions of the European Union towards the Russian Federation, although we are not a member of the EU, stressed the Parliament Speaker.

Xhaferi stressed that the act of aggression reaffirmed the importance of EU enlargement for the security, stability and democratic consolidation of Europe.

I give thanks to all the freedom fighters in Ukraine who enabled us to arrive safely in Ukraine in military conditions and who share the bread with us. Although I find it difficult to look you in the eye, I wish you to be strong and persistent until the freedom of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, he said.

He expressed his sincere and deepest condolences to the children, parents, women and men who lost their loved ones.

I’m angry at humanity for allowing us to be silent witnesses to a war we believed was part of history. I am disturbed by the number of graves and I saw only a part in Bucha and Iripin. I am furious that the world does not have a strong enough voice to tell this mad invasion to stop. In honor of the lost lives, we are committed to help you and to listen carefully to how you will rebuild what was destroyed, Xhaferi said.

He arrived in Ukraine by train via Poland in the early morning hours at the invitation of Ukrainian Parliament Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk.