After the president of the country, Stevo Pendarovski, announced that tomorrow he will give the mandate for forming a new government to Zoran Zaev, Parliament Speaker, Talat Xhaferi, says that he had no information of a formation of a majority, but since the president is giving the mandate, he had the obligation to schedule a session.

I should not have information whether anyone has the support of 61 MPs, the president of the country should know it, he decided to give the mandate. He announced that he will give the mandate and he should say which are the parties that have the required majority in the parliament. According to the obligations and competencies, as the chairman of the constitutive session, I have the obligation to continue the session so that the election of the commission for election and appointment and the Parliament Speaker president from the majority that received the mandate can be completed. There is nothing disputable here, Xhaferi told TV Kanal 5.

Xhaferi clarifies that he maintains his view that it is unconstitutional for the president to give the mandate to someone who has not secured a majority in parliament.