Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi addressed Friday a ceremony on the occasion of 22 November – Albanian Alphabet Day.

This congress contributes to further consolidation in the direction of the development and progress of the Albanians, clearly choosing the orientation and direction that they will follow in the future. And this step, however modest it may seem to the old world civilizations, is still a contribution to the overall development of mankind. A language is as rich, as valuable as it is spoken, written, enriched and spread throughout the world. It is a powerful weapon in the intellectual, cultural, artistic but above all, identity sign of a nation, Xhaferi said, adding that languages unite people, ideas and enable collaboration, progress and development.

Xhaferi underlined that only civil societies with citizens who enjoy rights but also have the same obligations can be the engine that drives our country forward and the entire Western Balkans region that has long been committed to building societies with accepted universal values for human rights and freedoms.

He also pointed out that Macedonia is almost part of NATO, with Albania already marking full ten years of membership and said that soon we will be partners in this dimension of cooperation as well.