We have a common country and we are all responsible to preserve and develop it, for us and for future generations. It is our debt to all those who fought for such a civil state, a society of all citizens in which will grow up our children, grandchildren and future generations who deserve to live, grow, be educated and create in the European Republic of Macedonia, a modern and prosperous state of European citizens, said Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi in today’s address at the ASNOM Memorial Center in Pelince on the occasion of the national Ilinden holiday.

Congratulating the holiday, Xhaferi emphasized that Ilinden is really the only concept that describes the value and the basis from which we all start and in which we find strength to continue building the future of our common state, for us, for our future generations, future citizens of the European and world family of nations, celebrating the values that unite and connect us, values that make us proud and united citizens of our common state.

The postulates that clearly define the general and special human rights and freedoms, that clearly define the multi-ethnic, multicultural and multi-confessional character of our country are the most solid foundation on which we will continue to walk as before. The events of the past have convinced us that only coming together towards a common home for all, with a clear vision, wisdom and reason, is the only, natural and achievable ultimate goal. If we behave responsibly and sensibly towards the state and citizens, with mutual respect and cooperation, accepting the expression of the particularities and characteristics of each ethnic community, of culture, language, identity marks as a natural right, then the path we should follow has long been determined, since the first Ilinden people. They were aware that only by overcoming the narrow and selfish framework, by opening the mind and strongly embracing the graces offered by our country, we will be an example of new and added value in the region and beyond, said Xhaferi.