I call on Mickoski to address the prosecution if there is evidence of corruption. What Mickoski is saying can be taken as an example from his former party members, who entered politics as paupers but left it as millionaires, Grubi said.

This is a statement of the first Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi in his exchange with the leader of VMRO-DPMNE about who is a millionaire and who is a pauper in politics and why there were no indictments or a verdict of corruption for DUI officials.

“Republika” reminds of several cases in which DUI or people close to Mala Recica were involved.

The “Telecom” case draw the greatest attention. The court rejected the private lawsuit of Ahmeti and Musa Xhaferi and Slobodan Bogoevski.

Grubi’s role in the “yellow house” where human organs of Serbs were removed remained unclear. That Grubi worked there as a translator was revealed by his leader Ahmeti.

The sale of a location in the center of the city opposite “Nova Makedonija” for only seven euros per square meter is related to a well-known former DUI official. And here, of course, “everything is according to the law.”

The illegal construction at “Mavrovka” is also connected with DUI. The cafe was spectacularly demolished and even more spectacularly sprouted again and is now a hair transplant center.

Regarding the shootings in Aleksandar Palace or in front of Skenderbeg, we should not remind that there was no solution and everything was covered up.

That is why Grubi should initiate proceedings himself if he really wants justice to be done and not to call on others to do so. He is not the first deputy prime minister for nothing.