Doctor Sasko Kedev, one of the best cardiologists in Macedonia, and the VMRO-DPMNE presidential candidate in the 2004 elections,  urged the voters to come out in support for the opposition party, especially given the mishandling of the coronavirus epidemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic laid bare the inconsistent, confused policies in our healthcare, and the populist economic policies that were based on adding excessive debt. Given the challenges in the coming period, in the next month and likely longer, the voters have two options on July 15 – they can support the current confused, inappropriate policies and the growing debt, or they can vote for Renewal of Macedonia, done by proven and professional people, Kedev said in the campaign video that was shared by VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski. Mickoski also praised Kedev for his work to prepare the party’s healthcare program.

Macedonia is experiencing a major Second Wave of the epidemic and has the worst mortality and infection rates in the region. Coronavirus response policies were openly modified to suit political needs – the restrictions were relaxed when the SDSM party was pushing for early elections in June and a DUI party representative in the key advisory body said that he got the borders to open so that more diaspora Albanians can come and vote for DUI.