The rapper Bizzy dropped his latest song which is dedicated to the ruling SDSM party and its campaign slogan – lifted from Barack Obama’s “Yes we can”. “No you can’t” is the title of Bizzy’s song which does a quick tour through the main SDSm corruption scandals, the betrayal of Macedonian national interests and of the promise made to the “colored revolutionaries” of justice and accountability.

No you can’t get away but yes you can lie dow, is in the song, a slang for going to prison which was the motto of the Colored Revolution but is now more and more used for the corrupt top SDSM officials.

The song also uses lyrics from Blaze Koneski, the famous poet and linguist who was also recently (and strangely) quoted by former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Unlike the poorly chosen lyrics Tsipras used, Bizzy quotes Koneski’s much more appropriate quip that “it’s a grand name we have, they will  try to take it away from us.