Doctor Trajce Neskovski (32), a young pulmonologist who lead the Covid-19 center at the Kozle children’s hospital, died after a traffic accident today. The clinic was converted into a Covid-19 hospital to help the other two frontline clinics in Skopje cope with the epidemic.

Neskovski apparently got sick while driving his car on Franklin Roosevelt street in downtown Skopje. He hit a car and then slammed into a tree. Eyewitnesses initially reported that his erratic behavior seemed like he was trying to flee the scene of the accident under influence. But as paramedics arrived and took the doctor to the emergency care clinic, it was revealed that he had a health issue while driving. An autopsy is ordered to determine the cause of death.

Another person was injured in the accident. Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce expressed condolences on the death of the young doctor, who was also an official of his SDSM party.