The Alliance for Albanians, Alternative’s coalition partner, issued a press release claiming that Afrim Gashi’s party had violated the coalition co-operation agreement at least three times in a row that was due to run until the next parliamentary elections, meeting with outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev with whom they are negotiating terms to join the government.

The minimum of correctness that we expect from you is to answer whether the agreement signed between the Alliance for Albanians and Alternative is valid or not? If not, then we have nothing left but to wish you success in your path, which for us is wrong and completely contrary to the will expressed by the citizens who voted for the coalition, said Zijadin Sela’s party.

Expressing the disappointment caused by Alternative among the opposition voters, the Alliance says that they remain faithful to them in their further political action, keeping the doors open for all those for whom the word given to the citizens is sacred.

We inform the public that the Alliance for Albanians will think carefully in the future with whom it will sign a coalition agreement, reads the press release.