Your roads are in poor condition and you have to repair them. This is the main message that Nobel Prize laureate Paul Krugman sent to the authorities from the economic forum in the country. He says the key to economic development and attracting investors is in good infrastructure and he hopes that the authorities are already working on it. In this global crisis, investors will move factories to the Balkans where costs are lower. Therefore, everyone should be ready to be able to attract them.

If you want factories from the Netherlands and Belgium to move production here, that transport infrastructure is most important, said Krugman.

His general assessment of global developments is that the world will not fall into recession, but that all countries will face stagnant economic growth. Inflation will continue in the next two years, but with moderate growth rates. Prime Minister Kovacevski also expects that after the second half of the year there will be price stabilization.

With the stabilization of the price pressures with the normalization of the supply, but also with the implementation of the growth plan, the forecasts are that in our country the growth in the medium term for this year is projected at 3.2 percent. These projections are in line with the latest projections of the IMF, said Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski.