The Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, in an interview with Alsat-M TV said that the successfully completed census is a European lesson for the responsible approach of the citizens to this statistical operation and that the acceptance of the results has already been confirmed by expressing the will of the vast majority of citizens to register.

All citizens have registered. It is a democracy, the citizens gave the final word. In Bulgaria, the census ended with 82 percent of counted citizens, and in our country 99% were counted. Bulgaria is a European country, we are a candidate country for membership in the European Union. We are teaching a lesson from every possible aspect, because we have laid the foundations well, said Prime Minister Zaev.

He assessed that after 30 years, when political tensions were constantly created, the new government he leads has shown that it pursues correct policies, which bring results, and the citizens know how to recognize and reject the policies pursued in previous years only for the sake of power, money and rule.