The framework for government cooperation for the next four years has already been set.Koha” daily has learned that the SDSM-BESA coalition will take Ali Ahmeti’s coalition partner DUI, and Menduh Thaci will also be part of the government. With this, the parliamentary majority will have 62 MP seats, writes “Koha”.

Officials from both political parties confirm for “Koha” that the formalization of the coalition will take place after August 4, when Zaev, Ahmeti and Bilal Kasami are expected to formalize the next government at a public meeting.

“Koha” also finds out that an agreement has been reached for the Prime Minister, for SDSM it will be 3 years with 1 year for DUI.

There is only time left to discuss which party will have the prime minister in the first year, senior officials from both sides told “Koha”.