Answering a reporter’s question at Thursday’s press conference Prime Minister Zoran Zaev acknowledged that Sedat Peker had a Macedonian passport.

The gentleman you mentioned is one of the people who obtained a fake passport, at the same time he is suspected of certain crimes in Turkey. The Ministry of Interior expelled him as a persona non grata from the state after other types of procedures. Of course, the person who worked on the illegal issuance of passports is part of the procedure that is processed before the judicial authorities. As to whether coalition partners or people from my party or the like were seen with him, absolutely no one could know if anyone was a suspect of something, if someone was working on some illegal passports or the like in the background. I do not see any guilt in that. I am even familiar with which of the colleagues, the partner parties had a meeting at his request in the bazaar and elsewhere, but it is absolutely not possible to say that someone is to blame because it is normal when someone requests a meeting. But the institutions are functioning and they have given the result, said Zaev.