Zoran Zaev treats Macedonia as a feudal fief, handing mining contracts to his relatives, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski, after the latest scandal in which the Government approved a mining contract to companies ran by Zaev’s brother Vice and cousin Trajce Zaev.

On top of all the scandals involving Lidija Dimova, Daka and SIK Jelak, the scandal with the villa in Greece, the illegal construction of a marijuana plant in Strumica, we have the awarding of mining contracts to Vice and Trajce for the next 30 years. What kind of a country allows the Prime Minister to award contracts to his brother and a cousin for 30 years? Zaev is acting like a typical feudal lord who usurps the mineral wealth of Macedonia and gives it to filial companies. And there is no response from either the prosecutors or the Anti-Corruption Commission, Stoilkovski said during an interview with Alfa TV.