In a second interview this week, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev rejected holding early general elections in 2020, opting for a date close to or at the regular, December 2020 date. His decision comes after a poll revealed his SDSM party lagging significantly behind VMRO-DPMNE, and VMRO leader Hristijan Mickoski pushes for elections in March.

We don’t need early elections, despite the empty, baseless claims of the opposition. They are trying to undermine what is already happening and will continue to happen in the rule of law, in the economic results. Let’s complete our work, have a nice overview and then we can go to the polls, Zaev said in an interview.

Mickoski, on the other hand, points to the spectacular collapse in the rule of law, with the downfall of the Special Prosecutor’s Office and growing allegations of high level corruption in the Government, to request early elections. According to the opposition leader, the Przino process which provides a resignation from Zaev three months ahead of the elections, can be initiated shortly after the October European Council vote for opening EU accession talks, and the elections can be held in March.

Soon after the European Council decision, whatever it may be, hopefully it is positive, we can form a technical Government and have early elections in March. There we will see whether the Government’s claims that Macedonia is a shining example for the region are true or not, Mickoski replied to Zaev.