The donation of vaccines by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic seems to have softened the Bulgarian authorities, especially Minister Zaharieva. Now, she talks about agreement, cooperation, economics. As if they forgot about the veto, the historical pretensions, the appropriation of the Macedonian history….

But what should scare the Macedonian citizens is the announcement of the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that an agreement with Bulgaria can be expected soon. Experience teaches us that whenever Zaev makes an agreement with his neighbors, it is to the detriment of Macedonia. It is well known what is on the table in relations with Bulgaria – language, identity, history.

It remains to be seen which “specialty” from the menu Zaev is ready to give up in the interest of the future and the European Union, as he likes to say.

To that end, Foreign Ministers Osmani and Zaharieva are due to meet next week to agree on a date for the second intergovernmental conference to adopt the Action Plan.

Although Zaev’s government is trying to relativize that so-called Action Plan and that it envisages talking about the economy, culture, infrastructure, and not politics and history, it is clear that this is the Annex that the authorities in Sofia have submitted to Skopje and which was hidden.

It contains conditions that Macedonia needs to meet for Bulgaria to allow the start of negotiations with the EU.