We are all aware that the talks with Bulgaria should continue regardless of the outcome of the upcoming General Affairs Council, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, adding that problems should be resolved, including this one, which, as he says, appeared a short time ago.

The Agreements with Greece and Bulgaria need to be implemented. In this regard, Buckovski should be a motivator for the implementation of the agreements. The talks with Bulgaria are led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ie Bujar Osmani, and the Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Dimitrov is included. Of course, my office is also here, as well as the ambassador to NATO, Dane Talevski. Efforts are being made these days to find a solution. We have previously prepared the people of the possibility of the negotiating framework not being adopted, and thus the start of negotiations. But, our strategy is that we should continue to talk and we will invest maximum efforts until the last moment, said Zaev.

He added that Vlado Buckovski as a special representative will have a mandate for one year and will work on an action plan to improve the implementation of the Agreement with Bulgaria, which would lead to strengthening the friendship. Zaev revealed that the plan also includes faster construction of Corridor 8, cooperation in energy, education, health, as well as on historical issues.

Zaev revealed that progress was made at today’s meeting of the Commission on Historical Issues, and the talks are conducted in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, adding that in the school year 2021/2022 implementation will begin in the textbooks as agreed in the Commission on Historical Issues.