In his closing argument at the “Racket” trial, Bojan Jovanovski said, among other things, that the case was orchestrated by Orce Kamcev with the help of Bulgarian services and that it is not clear why he was not prosecuted for espionage.

On April 2 last year, Orce Kamcev met with then-Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in the presence of Bulgarian agents close to Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and told him there was evidence against me. He even filmed Zaev. The next day, Zaev called me and asked me to “review the evidence,” Boki said.

He claims that Zaev told him that he was angry with Janeva for opening the ” Empire” case against Saso Mijalkov and Orce Kamcev.

He asked how Janeva could open a case against Kamcev, who had three MPs, and Mijalkov and several MPs who could bring him votes in the referendum. I have witnessed promising to both to facilitate the procedure in order to influence MPs to vote for changes to the Constitution, Boki said.