Prime Minister Zoran Zaev hosted Monday U.S. Ambassador to Macedonia Kate Byrnes, who on the behalf of the American people offered her condolences over the Tetovo modular covid hospital fire. According to the government’s press release, PM Zaev told Ambassador Byrnes a comprehensive investigation into the causes of the fire was underway, involving local and German forensics experts.

Zaev and Ambassador Byrnes stressed that today’s meeting takes place on the 26th anniversary of U.S.–Macedonian diplomatic ties. They agreed that Macedonia and the United States continue to deepen mutual relations and cooperation, as well as advocacy and affirmation of common values in NATO.

Ambassador Byrnes thanked Macedonia for its support in accepting the citizens of Afghanistan and stressed that the gesture is a strong message of how an ally and NATO member country behaves.

The meeting also focused on economic cooperation between the two countries, and welcomed the interest of American companies to be part of the process of transition from fossil to renewable energy, which comes as a result of the positive policies implemented by Macedonia in this area.