The procedure for changing the names of the two primary schools in the Skopje municipality of Cair was completed yesterday at the Central Registry. The “Nikola Vapcarov” primary school is now officially called “Imri Elezi”, and the “Rajko Zinzifov” primary school is now “Ismail Qemali”.

That decision should be withdrawn. The state authorities should check the validity of the registration of the new names of the two primary schools. In my opinion, that decision is unlawful, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said today, answering a reporter’s question about today’s reports on the new names of two primary schools in the municipality of Cair.

Such a decision cannot be made on the basis of a decision by a school board. You know what the law is. The law must be respected. We do not intend to open wounds of any nationalism. The law should be respected by all, said Zaev.