An attempt to avoid a specific answer to a specific question – this how it can be commented on Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s response to the journalist’s question as to whether he knows who are Kiki and Friki from the stories of journalist Branko Geroski for the racketeering that proved to be true. He avoided telling whether he talked with Kiki and Friki about their involvement in the Racket case, in which Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 and Zoran Mileski – Kicheec are already detained.

At Wednesday’s press conference, a journalist asked Zaev:

Do you have any information about which two senior SDSM officials are suspected of being involved in the case of Bojan Jovanovski and accompanied him to meetings with mayors from your party. Or as Branko Geroski called in his columns – Kiki and Friki, do you know who they are and have you talked to them about their involvement.

I am familiar with … I commented on this in the parliament, from the mayor of Bitola, about the particular case, how the meeting was held, what was the intention. They come and look for a location for a nursing home, the Municipality says we do not have such a purpose, ok can it be replaced. Open up a procedure, you can do yourself a self-initiative to bring a general plan, the general plan determines the purposes for a nursing home. The second topic is whether it can be exempted from utilities. Normally, the mayor shouts, if it is in the interest of the city, contact the municipal councilors, the council decides. Municipal councils decided on sports grounds, nursing homes, kindergartens, halls and the like. The Council decides. Until this day, there are no changes, there is no change in the plan, nor exemption from utilities, that is, there is no realization of such an idea. That’s what happened. Certainly in such a period, I cannot accurately confirm what Mr. Geroski thinks, which case he really thinks about and the like. I would speculate only with the names, but I definitely know that Mr. Bojan Jovanovski has many friends from the ruling party, celebrities, journalists, people from the opposition. So we are a small country and evryone is friend with everyone, but it is not an excuse if someone who has done something criminal, illegal, that it is a cause of unlawful or criminal activity. Anyone who has a crime should be held accountable, only if it is confirmed in a normal legal procedure with concrete arguments and evidence, Zaev responded.