After Bojan Jovanovski’s testimony at the Prosecutor’s Office on Thursday and after Den Doncev’s acknowledgment of the recording showing him taking a bribe, the outgoing government is becoming more and more nervous. The followers of the government have now become their opponents.

It is already clear that after the popular Boki 13 realized that he was hung out to dry and that he would have to spend the next ten years or more in prison, he decided to talk.

(photo: MIA)

On Thursday, he testified on the criminal charges he filed with the Prosecutor’s Office for, for now, unknown perpetrators of abuse of office and authority, giving false statements and illegal influence. On top of that, his lawyer Dukoski told “Republika” that someone from his phone threatened Boki to “be careful what he says”.

Jovanovski also confirmed that all roads in the “Racket” case lead to the Zaev family after the verdict was handed down.

He was clear that this was a politically motivated verdict and that “the money from the racket in this Macedonia should be looked for with Zoran and Vice Zaev”.

The nervous behavior of the government is also seen in the case of Den Doncev. Although it is the first time that a Macedonian politician has been caught with bribes and a pile of cash in his hand, Zaev did not distance himself from him.

On the contrary, he tried to justify him, which is logical because he is also mentioned in the audio recordings.

What the “Doncev case” and the “Jovanovski case” have in common is that prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska does not want their phones to be analyzed by forensics, in which it is clear that the names of Zoran and Vice Zaev will pop up, as well as several others from the SDSM leadership.