During the televised interview with opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski yesterday, Zoran Zaev feigned ignorance about the major passports scandal, in which it was revealed that under Zaev, the Interior Ministry was giving passports to high profile mobsters from across the world. One of them is Jovan Vukotic, head of the Serbian-Montenegrin Shkaljarski drug clan.

– Who gave Vukovic a Macedonian passport?, Mickoski asked.

– I don’t know who that is. If you know, tell me, Zaev replied, adding “I don’t involve myself with such clans”, when Mickoski reminded him.

Over 200 high profile drug lords, hitmen and money launderers were given passports by Zaev and his Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski. Vukotic was using a passport under the name “Georgi Andonov” when he was arrested in Turkey in 2018.