I am sorry if I have been misunderstood or misinterpreted by anyone, but I maintain commitments that I spoke about earlier, as well as in my beliefs in the values I have always fought for. We will not allow our country’s enemies to succeed in their plan by using criminals, manipulators and fraudsters to hinder the country’s success, NATO membership and the start of negotiations with the EU, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said in a brief interview with MIA regarding the public reaction after his controversial statement on Tuesday.

Asked whether the Prime Minister opened a front with all “criminals, faggots, vain people and idiots” and whether these controversial statements are not discrimination and a threat when they come from the Prime Minister, Zaev responded that both he and the Government firmly stand up for freedom of expression, freedom of the media and human rights of all individuals in our country.

For me and the government, all people are equal. We make no distinction on religious, ethnic, social, political, sexual or any other grounds. Together with all citizens, we are committed to building and will continue to build the concept of a united and fair society for all. The government firmly maintains its commitment to non-discrimination and respect for the diversity of all communities in the country, including the LGBTI community. In North Macedonia, there are no more attacks on LGBT people, a free and safe parade was held, and sexual orientation is included in the amendments to the new Anti-Discrimination Law, which the opposition voted against.

As regards the “Racket” case, I consider that every citizen, whether a politician or a journalist, has an obligation to the rule of law and the public interest to report any indications and information of abuses to the investigative authorities, as I did it first. The primary purpose of clearing up the “Racket” case must be the public, not personal interest. As I publicly, without prejudice, believe in and advocate for a just society, I also respect my right with terms and vocabulary used by every citizen to point out individuals or phenomena that are negative in society.

I’m talking about people’s characters and their behavior. And as I respect and promote from the bottom of my soul the core values of the journalistic profession, which is complete freedom of speech, expression and criticism, so I have the full right to attribute whether someone vainly or with other intention creates an impression on the public.