They are fiddling while Rome burns. Macedonia is burning because of Zaev’s incompetence, and he gives interviews to regional media, VMRO-DPMNE reacts.

Zoran Zaev has shown in the region that since he came to power there is no protection system. While the whole region was sending firefighters and resources to deal with the fires, Zaev left the citizens in the lurch. Zoran Zaev is the biggest liar, he shamelessly lied to the citizens. He promised them a European Macedonia, now he offers a mini Schengen Macedonia. Membership in the large European family of states has no alternative to a regional cooperation, which by the way is not complete. Zaev promised free health care for the citizens from the European Union before he came to power, and it was reduced to a discount on coffee and stays in Serbia and Albania. The citizens did not expect that from Zoran Zaev. The European Union is becoming more distant due to Zaev’s crimes, corruption and lies. Macedonia with Zaev is the worst in Europe in the fight against corruption and has the most corrupt government in Europe. Instead of concrete improvements to the system, Zaev passes laws under European flag procedure like the marijuana law in order to ensure the benefit of the family business. Zaev from Europe recognizes only the European flag on the marijuana law for his plant. Nobody is asking for answers from the government of Zaev and SDSM, the public is demanding responsibility from them!, said VMRO-DPMNE.