From what I heard in the tapes there in no evidence that Katica Janeva took money and was involved in the case, says Prime Minister Zaev in an interview with “Fokus” on the Racket case when asked why even after it was mentioned that there was an investigation or pre-investigation he was defending the prosecutor.

From what I heard there in no evidence that Katica Janeva took money and that she was involved in the case. Even when it come to my political opponents, I have always respected the presumption of innocence. Because you can hurt someone with words, especially if the prime minister says it. I have to be careful. The presumption of innocence is very important. I am one of those who started protests outside the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office. And I believe in that system, says Zaev.

Regarding the meeting with Kamcev, Zaev said that during the election campaign, Kamcev requested an emergency meeting with him, they met and the businessman presented the evidence to the Prime Minister.

I watched the tapes and listened to them, said Zaev, pointing out that he reported the case the next day, because, as he said, we should an example of how such cases are handled, says Zaev.

Asked whether as opposition they respected the presumption of innocence and when they published the bombs they at least condemned or blamed VMRO-DPMNE officials, and now many private conversations of the wiretapped conversations are aired, Zaev says that they always chose the words at their press conferences, to tell indications leading to suspicion.