Antonio Milososki wrote on Facebook about the announced early parliamentary elections and the departure of the current government.

Zaev is leaving, these are his last weeks / months in the Prime Minister’s chair. Raskovski, Kiki and Friki, Kurto Dudus, the Filipce and Den Doncev tandem, inspector Bujar Osmani, Koco Angjusev, Nikola Dimitrov, Sadula Duraku, Ljube Boskovski, Vice Zaev…, wrote MP Antonio Milososki on Facebook after the Prime Minister called for early elections on Saturday.

He noted that Zaev has never won an election so far, and he will not win it now.

There will be early election! Zaev has never won a parliamentary election, and this time he will be heavily defeated by the people that he deceived and disappointed, Antonio wrote.