Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said in Friday’s interview with the “Triling” show on TV 24 that he wanted full recognition by Bulgaria, without disputing the roots.

I did not believe that there would be a veto. Although I was the first to inform the people that this was also an option. We made every effort. This unreasonable, irrational step by Bulgaria took place when the first international conference was to be organized. First they demand more serious implementation of the Agreement, and we demand that too. Both sides to take their responsibilities more seriously. And that is the action plan, these days the positions are being aligned and I believe these days it will be done. Bulgaria says we recognize the existence of the Macedonian nation and language and then they say let’s talk about history. We should leave the history to the Commission. I want full recognition, clear recognition of the Macedonian identity and language. And they say we recognize the reality, but let’s talk about the roots, sais Zaev.