Every day I comment on my resignation, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Thursday, reiterating that he was not considering resigning. He also said he sees politicking, desire for power and victory in the elections in Wednesday’s statement of Ziadin Sela, who asked him to resign for moral reasons.

So that Mickoski comes, becomes prime minister? I am not considering resigning! Because the Prime Minister or the Deputy Prime Minister will be the President of the Alliance when he deserves, when he will be here to give ideas, to offer solutions, not to use ugliness in the most perfidious way and during the three days of mourning, everything for just desire for power, to win. As long as they behave like this, they will lose the elections. The other alternative is this: community, investments, higher wages, contribution to GDP, said Zaev.

Regarding the offered resignations, he said that there is no additional comment because, he stressed, he gives statements every day.

The tragedy affected us all and we will remember it for a lifetime. We lost lives. Let’s wait for the forensic reports, he said.