In my modest political experience as Prime Minister, we have never worked out a “Plan B”, because then it would mean that we give up on “Plan A”, said today the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, answering a reporter’s question whether the country has a “Plan B” if EU accession negotiations do not start in December.

I do not want to talk about plan B, we must succeed, said Zaev.

According to him, the only option is to find solutions with respect and mutual understanding.

I believe that there are solutions for these issues, which are currently a challenge, said Zaev.

He said he believed that the Macedonian-Bulgarian Joint Commission will be able to find a solution, since, as he said, they had a “nice positive day” yesterday.

We are a very small region, we are historically connected with each other and I believe that we will be smart, that common history from the past makes us bigger friends, it does not divide us, added Zaev.

He stressed that there is enough time to consider other open political issues, in order to continue the process of EU integration of the country with mutual satisfaction with the holding of the first Intergovernmental conference with EU in December.

According to him, if there was no Goce Delcev, we would have to invent him, so that he could be a bridge for friendship between Macedonia and Bulgaria.

I believe that we will be Europeans and with a European spirit we will be able to find wise solutions so that we can help each other and move forward, said Prime Minister Zaev.