Prime Minister Zoran Zaev expects Macedonia to get a date to open accession negotiations in June or July. He says he is optimistic and that Europe should deliver what it promised to the country.

However, there is a chance that Macedonia will not get the long-awaited date for opening EU accession negotiations. As Zaev said, the reason for this would not be the internal affairs in the country, but the developments in the region, especially in Albania, which this time goes in the package with Macedonia.

For us, we have a positive ambiance, because of the Prespa Agreement and the implemented reforms. Unfortunately, constellations are not good, therefore there is debate. Here I am referring to Albania and the Kosovo-Serbia issue. But I believe that it will not be allowed after 14 years as a candidate, and a positive recommendation since 2009, our country’s accession talks to be postponed again, definitely it is not in favor of the EU, said Zaev on the “360 degrees” show.

According to him, July is a realistic option for Macedonia to get a date for accession talks, otherwise, the country, he says, will face a political crisis.

If we get an obstacle it will not come from home. There is no president, chancellor, prime minister who questions our performance. Because of constellations with all other countries, we will know when the decision will be made. If we do not get a date either in June or in July then we will face a political crisis, because we have put all the cards in our integration into the EU. These are the expectations of our citizens, it would be problematic if they did not deliver that, Zaev said.