I see light because the EU has sent a signal that there is no alternative for the region other than EU integration. The processes must continue because there is a possibility for development of nationalism, populism and radicalism, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in his address at the Western Balkans Leaders Meeting, hosted by the World Economic Forum in Geneva.

The Prime Minister assessed that it is good that Croatia will take over the EU Presidency in January 2020 as it will be focused on the region and expressed hope that the Zagreb Summit will have a positive decision for Macedonia, Albania and the entire region.

We have done so much, Prime Minister Zaev said at the joint press conference of leaders.

At the press conference, each of the Western Balkan leaders expressed gratitude for the productivity and the opportunity for an open debate at the World Economic Forum on the economic development of the region as well as for the political perspectives that all leaders see in European integration.