SDSM leader Zoran Zaev and BESA leader Bilal Kasami held Thursday a joint press conference in Tetovo regarding the country’s NATO and EU integration.

Zaev said SDSM’s policies have opened NATO and EU doors in only three years, compared to the 11 years of standstill by the former authorities.

EUR 2,5 billion of European funds are at our disposal in the coming period. European funds for European standards at home but also for easier management of the coronavirus consequences. We are ready, we know and can open 80 percent of the EU accession chapters by 2024 and close the negotiating process in six years, thus becoming a full-fledged member of the Union. This is our offer for the next four years. We know exactly what kind of a country we want North Macedonia to be in 2024 – free, democratic, European and integrated, said Zaev.

Kasami said the big idea of a European Macedonia brought the two parties together and this will be the guiding light in the next four years.

Everything we do in the next four years will focus on EU integration. We may have different opinions on some things but we will be united in the grand idea of European integration, just like in the past three years. We are proud that although in opposition, we contributed to the country’s NATO membership and paved the way to the European Union. We are proud of having an understanding with the main ruling party SDSM regarding the constitutional changes, for the well-being of all citizens, noted Kasami.