Mentioning October next year as a possible term for parliamentary elections by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev reopened the issue of the so-called Przino or transitional government, first set up for the 2016 elections.

According to the Przino agreement, signed by the four largest parties 100 days before the election, the ruling party should have a technical prime minister, but more importantly, the interior minister should be nominated by the opposition.

VMRO-DPMNE says that Prime Minister Zaev is manipulating with the term of holding early parliamentary elections in order not to give a hundred days of Przino government, but that the deadline to be much shorter, 45 to 50 days.

According to the opposition party, Zaev is not afraid that he will not be in charge of the government for three months, but that the opposition minister will be in charge of the Interior Ministry for 100 days.

The terms for holding parliamentary elections are clear. The Przino government must be formed 100 days before the elections take place. The last parliamentary elections were held on December 11, 2016. Accordingly, any deadline from October 1 to December 31, 2020, is considered as a term for regular parliamentary elections and in that case, the Parliament does not need to dissolve.

Former Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski explained on Facebook that the elections for MPs are held within the last 90 days of the term of office of the old MP composition or within 60 days of the dissolution of Parliament.

Since the mandate of this parliamentary composition started on December 30, 2016, it means that every election date after October 1, 2020 is a regular election date and then the Electoral Code rules regular elections apply and the Parliament Speaker schedules the elections without dissolving the Parliament, Veljanoski explained.

If the government maintains that the elections in October next year are early, then the Constitution provides for shorter deadlines, in which case the Przino government will last shorter, ie up to 60 days.