In an interview with TV Alsat,  VMRO-DPMNEleader, Hristijan Mickoski, criticized that Zoran Zaev should honestly admit to the citizens that he is blackmailed by Ali Ahmeti and Artan Grubi, they maintain him in political life, in fact, that was the condition for him to remain prime minister for a few more months.

What Zoran Zaev is doing is politically ignorant, and this type of hostage to keep the citizens and their party members is politically ignorant but I do not expect anything more from him. If you go to a press conference to explicitly say that you will do something, that’s what you should do, and not the next day to call your coalition partners to ask what they think about your resignation, and Zaev said that he is giving an irrevocable resignation, it is a political ignorance toward both the membership and the coalition partners, Mickoski criticized.

Mickoski said that Zaev’s position is such as to explain now that on the 12th there will be a Congress which is again a political ignorance on the same day as the regular VMRO-DPMNE Congress to be scheduled, maybe he is trying to hide something, and then says that he will remain prime minister for some time.

Zaev now says that he would remain Prime Minister until he reached an agreement with Alternative or Bulgaria, and in fact he should be honest with the citizens and say that he is in the lap of Ali Ahmeti and Artan Grubi and that he is blackmailed, which was practically the condition he to remain Prime Minister for these eighteen months, said Mickoski.