Following the decision of European ministers not to open accession talks with Macedonia during the summer and to postpone the discussion for October, Zoran Zaev insisted that this is still a “full recognition” of his efforts. While the outcome was lacking, Zaev insisted that the words of praise contained in the report are still worth something.

We received clear confirmation of the reforms we put in place and all the results we accomplished at the domestic field, but also for the treaties with Greece and Bulgaria. This is very important for us and for the citizens, and points out that our joint efforts were not in vain. The European Council conclusions also set a timeframe in which the decision to open accession talks will be made and that is no later than October this year, Zaev said.

He previously said the decision will be made in September, but it is clear that this is just the month when the German Bundestag will reach a decision, for or against, and this is one of the pre-conditions for the European Council to discuss the issue.

We are satisfied with today’s conclusion which will lead to full success in October, when we will be crowned with a final decision to open the accession talks, practically by the end of the year, Zaev insisted.