For justified or unjustified reasons we were not allowed to film a little higher, but behind me is the Prime Minister’s Villa where Zoran Zaev secretly met with Katica Janeva after being accused in the “Racket” case. Zaev does not deny that there were meetings right here, and what remains unknown is what Katica and Zaev talked about, Ruzica Nikolovska of VMRO-DPMNE accuses.

The open suspicion says that Zoran Zaev is the head of the criminal octopus and this is also shown by the evidence in the “Racket” case presented in court. Publicly, in the courtroom, evidence was presented before the entire Macedonian public where it was clearly seen that Katica Janeva was attending a meeting at one of the state villas, ie the Prime Minister’s Villa, because President Pendarovski first denied having met with Janeva. From the evidence in the court, it was clear that Katica Janeva was meeting with Zoran Zaev, while his brother, in the presence of a lawyer, was sitting with a convicted racketeer. It should be said publicly what Katica and Zaev were discussing, who else was present at the meeting and what was agreed? This is an issue that interests the citizens, she said.

Nikolovska estimates that the citizens already know Zaev’s involvement in “Racket”, and now only he needs to explain his actions.