Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in a Facebook post stressed that he believes in transparent and very accurate and quick investigations.

I will once again say, I am the man who reported this case. It should not be forgotten. Today, this political establishment, through the executive branch, has created conditions for the judiciary, the Public Prosecutor’s Office to work smoothly, regardless of whether anyone was a media owner who supported the government, today he is in prison, Zaev said.

According to him, in all the countries where conditions were created for the rule of law and the law enforcement authorities to do their job, it was not easy to do so and it was traumatic everywhere.

It’s not easy for us either, and it’s traumatic. But, that is how will we be a legal state and a state we all want. I came thanks to the votes of the citizens, fighting for freedom and for democracy and for a legal state and for the rule of law and a normal country. We will fight to the end because everyone involved in the case will certainly be held accountable, Zaev said in his Facebook post on Wednesday.