Prime Minister Zaev, just like Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, failed to say whether Bulgaria is seeking a new agreement, similar to the Prespa Agreement, but this time with constitutional changes as VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski revealed late Tuesday.

Instead of providing an answer, he criticized Mickoski for being irresponsible.

I do not know what Mickoski refers to, but we are holding talks, they are part and we have written materials. I would not comment on Mickoski’s statements, because everything we saw from him is irresponsible behavior. We are responsible, we want agreements, we want the country to move forward and I believe that we give maximum efforts, positive aspirations, attention and friendship, to reach agreements and, of course, what is most important for us, to protect our interests, but taking care of the interests of the Bulgarian side too, Zaev said Wednesday.

With the new agreement, Bulgaria demands that we give up Goce Delcev and accept that the Macedonian language originates from 1946 as a Bulgarian dialect.