Prime Minister Zoran Zaev revealed to MIA that this afternoon on the sidelines of the NATO summit he met with US President Joe Biden, for whom this was the first NATO leaders meeting since taking office. Zoran Zaev invited Biden to Macedonia, MIA’s correspondent reported from Brussels.

In an interview with MIA, Prime Minister Zaev revealed that he had a brief but significant meeting with the new US President, from whom he received encouraging messages, and an announcement of a visit to the Western Balkans.

I also met with President Biden, we had the opportunity to talk, the talks were first about our energy connection, which we are doing together through the Alexandropoli project, it is an American-Greek-Macedonian project, but we also talked about his visit to the Western Balkans. I took the opportunity to invite him, of course he commented positively, telling me that he knows the Western Balkans, he worked for the Western Balkans, it has full US support and of course that he was planning a visit. It was positive that he was immediately informed and he immediately congratulated us on our NATO membership. The conversation was really pleasant as strategic partner countries in the field of values, democracy, the advancement of everything that means quality life here in Macedonia. Because America really did that all these 30 years of independence in our support, and for me and for our people it is important that that support continues. I am glad that we had the opportunity to discuss with him on such important topics for both America and Europe, although we are not a member of the EU, I believe that they see us all equally, in fact, and President Biden showed that through the talks, Zaev told MIA.