The election activities continues. There’s no reason for delay. Safety protocols have been approved by the State Election Commission and OSCE/ODIHR. They’re well-designed, so that people have nothing to fear during the campaign or polling day, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said Friday.

He called on citizens to vote and ensure the legitimacy of institutions.

We can all take five minutes to go out and vote and fulfill our civic duty, in line with health protocols implemented at polling stations, Zaev said.

He stressed that the “We Can” coalition led by SDSM abides by all safety protocols.

We campaign very carefully, holding rallies out in the open, in front of crowds of 50 people at most. We’re committed to organizing events up front, hosting rallies in large, open areas in parks, squares, etc. to maintain proper distance. Everyone wears face masks and follows disinfection measures, Zaev noted.

The SDSM leader underlined that the party will continue to protect public health and called on citizens to vote on July 15.