Ahead of the Alexis Tsipras visit to Macedonia tomorrow, Zoran Zaev’s Government was labeled with a sign in Macedonian, Albanian and English declaring it to be the “Government of the Republic of North Macedonia”.

Previously, Zaev ordered the removal of the large golden colored letters on top of the thoroughly rebuilt complex, declaring it the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

According to the Plusinfo news site, another concession to the Greek side will include renaming of the Philip II of Macedon sports stadium in the Skopje central park, although this won’t be done in time for the Tsipras visit. The stadium, previously known simply as the “gradski” – city stadium, was entirely redone by the Nikola Gruevski Government, and where once only decently sized side was complete, it was made into a world class facility that hosted the 2017 UEFA Super Cup between Real Madrid and Manchester United.

According to the Plusinfo, Zaev’s Government plans to rename the stadium, which now bears the name of the father of Alexander the Great, into the Tose Proeski stadium – after the beloved singer who died tragically in a car crash in 2007. According to the Prespa treaty signed by Zaev and Tsipras, Macedonia is supposed to re-examine the names of the infrastructure projects. The Alexander the Great highway and the Alexander the Great airport in Skopje were already renamed by Zaev, into “Friendship” and “Skopje international airport”.