The final draft law includes proposals that came from the working groups, and we expects the law to enter Parliament procedure, Zoran Zaev said Sunday, answering journalists’ questions about the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Zaev emphasized that everything is being done for the Parliament to work in full in order to secure the necessary two-thirds majority for the law, which, as he says, is important for the European perspective of the country.

Parliament may delay the dissolution if someone tries to ‘filibuster’ or block certain legislative solutions. But of course on February 12 the elections will be called and I believe Speaker Talat Xhaferi will do it so that there is no doubt that the elections will take place on April 12. However, I believe that we have eliminated all the possibilities for blocking through amendments by making every effort to talk together before the adoption of the Government law, Zaev concluded.

He urged Hristijan Mickoski and VMRO-DPMNE to participate in this law, because, as he said, everything they had requested during this two-year-long talks had already been incorporated.