Judge Dobrila Kacarska, notorious for presiding over the April 27th process, was named Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court today. Kacarska won over another newly promoted justice – Darko Kostadinovski, and got a two-thirds majority of six votes in the court.

This gives the Zaev regime increased level of control over the political process in the country. Kacarska loyally followed Zaev’s orders during the trial which was used to blackmail three VMRO-DPMNE members of Parliament into voting for the imposed name change. Kacarska blindly handed sentences for “terrorism” which even President Pendarovski and DUI leader Ahmeti have later agreed are inappropriate. Based on her sentence, Zaev still holds 16 protesters and Interior Ministry officials in prison – which is prompting protests.

VMRO-DPMNE issued a statement saying that Kacarska is “Zaev’s loyal executor” and was now rewarded for her services, after conducting politically motivated persecution of protesters and opposition activists. The Constitutional Court plays a powerful role in that it can nullify any law or act based on a petition from citizens or activists.