The main Skopje football stadium, which underwent major re-development during the Nikola Gruevski term in office, and was named after King Philip II of Macedon, is being renamed by the Zaev Government. In line with the Prespa treaty, which requires Macedonia to rename its infrastructure and redefine the meaning of its monuments, the stadium will now be named after the tragically killed music star Tose Proeski.

The half-finished stadium was known as Gradski – city stadium before three new stands were added between 2009 and 2011, completing its circumference, after which it was renamed after Alexander’s father. The stadium now sits 33.000 and even hosted hosted the 2017 UEFA Super Cup between Real Madrid – Manchester United.

During the reconstruction, the now ruling SDSM party took a strongly critical approach to the project, much like with the rest of the Skopje 2014 reconstruction of the capital, and even spread conspiracy theories that the newly built northern stand is statically unsound and may collapse.