Zoran Zaev responded to Krasimir Karakacanov open mockery of Zaev as a “Bulgarian whose brain runs a day late”. Karakacanov couldn’t resist to spike the football in Zaev’s face, after Zaev surrendered and accepted all demands put forward by Bulgaria.

Zaev tried to save some face in the response while being mindful that any poorly chosen word could result in another Bulgarian veto.

I’m a Macedonian to speaks the Macedonian language, recognized by the entire world. Karakacanov is a Bulgarian who speaks the Bulgarian language recognized by the entire world. But ethnicity and identity are not where the differences between us end. The more important and more serious is the difference in the way we view the world. I work to bring our positions closer over our differences and I know that is only possible through an exchange of ideas and opinions and not through insults and unbecoming messages. Our peoples expect a step forward toward friendship, not hate speech. Enough with the hate, Zaev replied to Karakacanov.