Sidelined by the shocking homophobic and threatening statement Zoran Zaev made this afternoon were his political announcements. The Prime Minister said that he is not considering a resignation or early general elections, despite the major corruption scandal that is rocking his Government.

Absolutely the Government, who is led by the man who reported this case (Zaev talking about himself), I put all that in water, I put it aside, I have no intention to consider either resigning or having early general elections. I said that the elections don’t have to be in December because the December date was forced in 2016. They can be in October. But after the major political decisions, after all the reforms we pushed through together, after our expectations for full NATO membership and for opening EU accession talks, at a time when the economic data is excellent and continues to be excellent, we need to give a chance to the country to push out a maximum out of this unrepeatable, precious period because the citizens need to economically benefit, Zaev said, in his typical style.

All opposition parties are calling on Zaev to step down and allow early elections in spring, while diplomats are demanding that he allows a full and thorough investigation into the major corruption allegations that have broken in the past months.